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Long-Time Pulaski and CiTi BOCES Board Member Retiring

After 20 years as a board member at both Pulaski and CiTi BOCES, Ted Williams has made the decision to retire.


At Pulaski, he served from 2002-2014. Three years as vice president, and eight years as president. At CiTi BOCES, he served from 2015-2022.


When asked why he wanted to become a board member, Williams said he felt a calling to serve Pulaski; the community where he was born, raised and educated, and where his children were raised and educated. His wife was also a teacher in the district.


“Watching young adults graduate and begin their lives was the most rewarding part of serving on the Board of Education,” said Williams. “That is why, as board members, we choose to serve on the school Board. We want to provide the best environment for our students and staff to be successful. I am also proud of the capital projects that were completed while I served.”


Williams was also quick to speak on how thankful he was for the many like-minded and dedicated board members he was able to serve with.


“It was an honor to be elected President of the Pulaski board for eight years,” he said. “I was privileged to work with some of the most dedicated and supportive people in our communities. They volunteered their time to educate and provide services for our students and staff.”


During all of his time as a board member, Williams’ favorite memory is having the opportunity to present his daughters with their diplomas upon graduating from Pulaski High School.